You can now compare the performance of all vehicle+character combinations from Mario Kart Wii in a clearer, more awesome way. Just select the combinations you want to compare from the drop-down lists, and the graph will be automatically updated. All the figures come from Please note that I made this pseudo web 2.0 thingy in a few hours because I was bored, so don't expect too much. Please send your comments, suggestions and bug reports to loulan_at_lozi_dot_org.

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So what do these figures mean? A good handling stat allows to turn more easily. A good off-road stat means that your vehicle is fast even when it's off the road, this can be pretty useful if you like using shortcuts. The speed stat corresponds to the top speed which can sometimes hard to reach if your acceleration is poor. It's an important stat for time trials. With a heavy vehicle (weight stat) you can smash through lighter vehicles, sometimes throwing them off the road but your jumps will be shorter. The mini-turbos are those you can trigger when using manual drifting. A high drift stat allows you to turn more sharply during drifts. The higher the acceleration, the quicker you can reach high speeds after having been slowed down or stopped, it's an important stat in the Grand Prix mode where you usually get hit pretty often. Beginners will usually prefer good acceleration and handling stats whereas expert players will usually prefer faster vehicles at the cost of a poorer acceleration.